Elham Fallahi - Born in Tehran in 1979. She has a B.A. in painting from Sooreh University and an M.A. in painting from Tehran Azad University.
She has many years of cooperation and activity with various museums and galleries, teaching in art universities, managing the visual department of ICOM International in Iran, judging festivals, and winning art, environmental, and startup awards in her resume.
The three fields of art, environment, and entrepreneurship of disabled artists are among her most important concerns.
She uses art to express these concerns and believes art has been a lifesaver in various eras.
The artist writes about her works:
The ancient man was a career of nature and considered himself a part of the sacred whole, and all the blessings of life were a gift from nature's gods.
But after the industrial revolution, the illusion of human domination over nature replaced the sanctity of nature.
But the contemporary man who, with irreparable selfishness, by hunting animals for temporary pleasures, by the runaway production of plastic, and ..., has caused the destruction of the nature of this holy god and this endless barbarism that continues.
My works are the re-creation of myths and legends; it is a contemporary narrative of the sanctities and gods of nature, the fluid shapes in the space that reference the fluid beliefs in the minds of the past men.
The forgotten life-giving gods are resurrected, and art, this hopeful savior that gives birth to them and gives life to the material that destroys and kills nature and the gods,
The narration of simultaneous paradox, birth, death, good and evil, beauty and illusion, pleasure and pain in the passage of history.

These works come from Gaia (Mother Earth) and attempt to help Gaia.


Elham Fallahi

Rastaakhiz February 11 - March 04, 2023